8:20 • Sunday, March 26 | Albany Twin Theatre

Thanks to all of the working professionals and first-time filmmakers from Albany (including stop animation music videos from Ginny Tremblay’s AHS class) for keeping community and communication alive! Filmmaker Q&A follows the screening.

Last Time Over • Annie Kenny • Albany Filmmakers Showcase (2:13)

Enjoy a last ride over the old Bay Bridge eastern span. Shot on an iPhone.

Let’s Go On an Adventure • Prima Rawithakul • AHS Music Video (3:18)

Mad Chase • Ben Ragasa • Youth 13-17 (2:06)

Our valiant heroes can’t catch the outlaw. But never fear! Here comes a much cooler officer of the law.

Wild Art, Wild Hearts: The Albany Bulb • Mark Sommer • Documentary Short (15:23)

A look at the wild nature and unfettered art found in the Bulb, revealing the spontaneous genius of this original and intriguing outdoor museum of modern art.

Cat Steps Out • Benjamin Ragasa • My Own Private Albany (1:30)

A cat wanders around Albany during the Solano Stroll.

Long Way Home • Emma Sugarbaker • AHS Music Video (2:31)

Anatomy of an Escher Lizard • Paul Giganti • Animated Short (1:23)

Learn how Escher created his reptile tesselations from hexagons and how he "tiled" a page full of them. You can do it too!

London • Duncan Robson • Albany Filmmakers Showcase (4:27)

Wait—is it Albany, or London? Music Video for the UK band Hope and Social.

La Lettre • Emma Horner, Michelle, Jasper *AHS Music Video (1:35)

Last Rights • Terry Lamb • Albany Filmmakers Showcase (13:00)

A new caregiver comes into the life of a foul-mouthed, cantankerous old man. While he refuses to admit that he is near death, he also suspects his children are only interested in getting his worldly possessions.

April, Come She Will • Yumi Kobayashi, Ingrid Rosenthal • AHS Music Video (2:13)

Science Experiment • Thomas Lee • Youth 13-17 (2:28) Animated tale of one kid's and his encounter with the scientific method.

I-Envision • Benjamin Ragasa • Youth 13-17 (1:00)

What do you see? Short experimental animation.

Target Practice • Dorian Carli-Jones • Albany Filmmakers Showcase (12:30)

When a collision on a lonely road forces a dutiful young man to confront his life, he looks down the barrel of a BB gun: should he obey his selfish mother and brother or set his sights on a path of his own?

Lemon Tree • W. Zhu • AHS Music Video (1:34)

First Time Over • Jen Gripman • Albany Filmmakers Showcase (2:15)

First ride over the new Bay Bridge eastern span. Shot on an iPhone.