Best of The Albany FilmFest 2015 (plus extras!) at Rhythmix in Alameda Saturday March 5

When: Saturday, March 5

Time: 2 pm-4 pm

Where: Rhythmix Cultural Works, 2513 Blanding Ave, Alameda

Cost: Free! RSVP required.

Info: or 510.865.5060

A sci-fi cooking show, a medical/botanical complaint, a sensitive drama about a young girl struggling to save her family, a look at the world of Children of Deaf Adults (CODA), an animation about a criminal with a problem, and a rare and inspiring look at the survival of a Chinese rock star.

Get a free taste of the eclectic variety of original independent local, national and international short (and very short) films in this compilation of the best selections from Albany FilmFest 2015 (plus a few extras).

Bonus: The chance to win an All-Screening Pass ($40 value) to the Sixth Annual Albany FilmFest (short and very short films), screening at Landmark’s Albany Twin Theater on March 20.