1-3pm Saturday, March 18, 2017Albany Community Center

$5 Adults |  $1 Kids Tickets available at the door only.

Hosted by Bay Area children's edutainer, Emily Butterfly, this family-friendly hour features an eclectic variety of short films, including: two animations from Academy Award winners (GeeFwee Boedoe’s GOT SOME CHEESE and Patrick Osborne’s PEARL), some national 2017 AFF Youth selections (Sleeptalker, from a Delaware filmmaker, Lonlieness of the Short Distance Runner, from the UK), films from Albany youth filmmakers (The Case of the Stolen Ticket, Cat Steps Out, School’s Out, and Science Experiment), and more. $5 Adults |  $1 Kids Tickets available at the door. MAP

After the show, kids can make their own stop-motion animation films with help from a few Legos and other materials, their imaginations, and Steve & Kate’s Camp. (All they need is a parent’s email address to “take their work home”)!

We are especially proud of our support of young filmmakers. We have two special youth categories (ages 6 to12, and 13 to 17), and special film showings specifically for youth.

We actively support youth media education in Albany in conjunction with the City of Albany.  

Mad Chase • Ben Ragasa • Y13-17 (2:06)

Our valiant heroes can’t catch the outlaw, but never fear! A much cooler officer of the law is coming to the rescue. Albany

School’s Out • Harris Jeans, Cal Ronay • Y6-12 (1:00)

Can these very different emojis be friends? Albany

Cat Steps Out • Benjamin Ragasa • My Own Private Albany (1:30)

A cat wanders around Albany during the Solano Stroll. Albany

The Case of the Stolen Ticket • Dave Gilson • Youth 6-12 / Albany Filmmakers Showcase (7:22)

In this silent movie dastardly thief escapes from prison, steals a train ticket, and leads his victim and a detective on a cross-country chase. Albany

Science Experiment • Thomas Lee • Youth 13-17 (2:28)

Animated tale of a kid and his encounter with the scientific method. Albany

Pearl • Patrick Osborne • Animated Short (5:44)

Set inside their home, a beloved hatchback, this charming music-filled film follows a girl and her dad as they crisscross the country chasing their dreams. It's a story about the gifts we hand down, their power to carry love, and finding grace in the unlikeliest of places. Nominated for an Academy Award for best animated short film 2016, Pearl is directed by Patrick Osborne, Academy Award-winning director for best animated short film Feast in 2015, produced and voiced by Albany residents. ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATED. Los Angeles, Albany

Loneliness of the Short Distance Runner • Holly Jacobson * Y6-12 *

A young girl’s dreams of being a winner don’t go according to plan—or maybe they do. United Kingdom

Bought Some Cheese • GeeFwee Boedoe • Animation (1:46)

Academy Award-winning animator GeeFwee Boedoe (Finding Nemo, and many more) made this animation with his young daughter, based on her original story. El Cerrito

Room 20’s Kindness Countdown • Jen Gripman • Albany Filmmakers Showcase (6:00)

How many ways can you be kind today? Albany

My License • Elizabeth Herrick • Animation, Youth 6-12 (1:00)

A young girl receives her new license. New York

Sleeptalker • Jillian Lebling • Youth 6-12 (9:30)

A group of girls go to a sleepover. One girl doesn't quite fit in, but her Sleeptalker might help take care of that. Delaware

Lily Hits the Road • The Bum Family • Youth 13-17, Animated Short (4:51)

A 10-foot-tall orange monster, and her adorable friend Fluffle are abducted by aliens. An epic adventure. Canada