10am • Sunday, March 26 | Albany Twin Theatre

Life is a journey, start here. Filmmaker Q&A follows the screening.



4242 • Sara Eustaquio • Youth 13-17 (11:12)

In this multi-award winning experimental film, a young woman contemplates her life as she goes on a journey. Subtitles. PORTUGAL

Guillaume, or the Chauffeur • Derek DeRoche • Narrative Short (22:55)

A French rideshare driver in San Francisco longs to return to France. But after he begins an illicit love affair with one of his passengers, he must confront his fears and secrets.

Rapid Transit • Adam Geiser, Aaron Stade • Youth 13-17 (5:00)

Two young filmmakers document the dynamic changes of BART's beginnings in 1972 compared with a full ride on today's trains.

Commute • Mauricio Monsalve • Tiny Movie (2:35)

Commuting in San Francisco is a rush to get to work and back home. Why not pause to enjoy the ever-changing canvas of sea and sky. Shot entirely on Nexus5 phone.

Man’s Memory • Jaegar Moore • Narrative (23:41)

Every man remembers the day he became a man. For Eugene, it's a day he'd rather forget.

Lilly Hits the Road • The Bum Family • Youth 13-17, Animated Short (4:51)

A 10-foot-tall orange monster, and her adorable friend Fluffle are abducted by aliens. An epic adventure ensues. CANADA

Welcome to Our Oakland • Sarah Richman, Kaela Garber • Youth 13-17 (2:44)

Forty students from Oakland School for the Arts shoot, edit, and animate this colorful tour of Oakland.

Lonely as God • Sasha Flamm • Documentary (17:58)

The story of a group of river gold miners operating out of a small No. California community called Happy Camp. Many of the miners are elderly, some of them disabled, and living in substandard conditions. Their struggle to make ends meet by living off the land raises broader questions about the implications of human land use, urbanization, and government control of resources in the state of California.