6:20pm • Sunday, March 26 | Albany Twin Theatre

Working, fishing, reading, acting. Dance it out.

Filmmaker Q&A follows the screening.


Raised by Krump • Maceo Frost • Documentary (21:15)

A rare and beautiful inside look at the Compton/South Central, Los Angeles born dance movement called Krumping, the dance version of slam poetry. The film focuses on how Krumping has helped the people of these neighborhoods deal with the emotional issues that come with growing up in one of L.A.’s toughest neighborhoods, where showing emotion is often considered a sign of weakness. DENMARK

All the World’s a Stage • Hannes Rall • Animated Short (1:30)

This animated adaptation of the famous Shakespeare monolgue is narrated by renowned Shakespearean actor and director Samuel West. SINGAPORE

The White Coat Chef • Jamie Oi Ping Chung • Documentary (27:36)

Hishen was raised in San Francisco’s Tenderloin as the son of immigrants, and dreamed of becoming a doctor. But his lifelong passion for food also led him to work as a sushi chef. Cooking and medicine are disparate fields, yet both call for a serving heart.

Pit Stop • Olivia Booker • Documentary (3:40) 

A day in the life of a San Francisco public toilet. Come along for the ride!

Terms & Conditions • Carson Bennett, Carrington Bennett, Cameron Davis • Youth 13-17 (8:56)

Three friends find out that it is important to read the Terms & Conditions before downloading a new app. Reading is fundamental!

The Georgia Girl • Courtney Quirin • Documentary Short (25:39)

Small-scale fishing in British Columbia is dying as large companies maintain a firm grip on licenses and price, paying fishermen less and less as the market price of fish continues to rise. Unwilling to compromise his livelihood, which goes back five generations, a young fisherman is bypassing the traditional route of selling to large seafood corporations and instead is using unique technology to "trace" his fish and instill transparency into a broken food system.