Think Green! Environmental Short Films + Filmmaker Panel/Q&A

7:30-9:30 pm • Thursday, March 23, 2017 | Albany Twin Theatre

Why does an ordinary man suddenly decide to save a river, why are megafires now a real threat, what happens when a filmmaker finds that the political has become very personal, what stories to we choose to tell, and what happens when your environmental art exhibition is interrupted by terrorist attacks?

These powerful environmental short films, most from Bay Area directors, are inspiring, thought-provoking, and empowering. Watch and learn, then stay for the filmmaker Q&A that follows.

Presented by East Bay Regional Park District & Regional Parks Foundation.

The Accidental Environmentalist * Kristine Stolakis * Documentary (12:12)

John Wathen was just an average guy until he came into contact with toxic chemicals, stumbled on a video camera, and discovered his passion for protecting the world's waters. Watch this Alabama native's transformation into an internationally recognized environmentalist.

The Fire Next Time * Steven Most, Kevin White, edited by Gina Leibrecht * Documentary (13:17)

Problematic policies, fuel build-up, and climate change have endangered America's forests. When the Rim Fire burned 256,000 acres of the Stanislaus National Forest and Yosemite National Park in 2013, it exposed the impacts that high-intensity wildfires are having on watersheds, wildlife, and carbon storage. It also forged a coalition of environmentalists, loggers, scientists, officials, and land managers who are responding to this megafire and recognize the need to forestall the next one.

Defendant 5 * Heidi Douglas * Documentary (30:00)

Australian filmmaker Heidi Lee Douglas goes to Tasmania to make a documentary about the destruction of the island’s ancient forests. As anti-logging protests escalate, logging giant Gunns Ltd reacts to public pressure by suing Heidi and 19 others for $6.4 million for allegedly conspiring to destroy the company’s business. When Heidi discovers Gunns wants to use her footage as evidence to support its claims, she faces a crisis of conscience. Heidi’s response is to turn the camera on herself to document her personal struggle as she goes into battle against a corporation out of control.

Ghost Dance * Tommy Orange * Documentary (3:00)

A story about the first films ever recorded, what we choose to keep, and making sure we don't look away. This story was made in a two-day Stories Seen workshop facilitated by StoryCenter.

Art of Courage * Kellee Marlow, Veronica Duport Deliz * Documentary (20:00)

Two internationally renowned artists prepare their canvas for an aerial art exhibition during the International Climate Summit in the City of Light, but fate has another plan. When a large-scale terrorist attack suddenly paralyzes Paris, they must move quickly to figure out how to accomplish their vision: unifying and inspiring solidarity during the climate summit. Powerful, stirring, and very human.