1-3pm Saturday, March 16, 2019Albany Community Center MAP

$5 Adults |  $1 Kids Tickets available at the door only.

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This fast-paced, family-friendly show features an eclectic variety of short films by and for kids. An audience Q&A with filmmakers of all ages follows the screening.

After the show, kids can stay to get hands-on with films and film skills

$5 Adults |  $1 Kids Tickets available at the door. MAP

Albany FilmFest is proud to support young filmmakers. Thanks to the Albany Community Foundation for supporting Albany FilmFest and youth filmmaking.

  Kids will get a chance to:

  • Experience the short animation Back to the Moon on a Virtual Reality Daydream headset

  • Make a short stop-motion animation (or just watch the demo!)

  • Ask about making films! Narrative Art Center's Mason Hall will be on hand to answer questions

Equipment is limited. We hope everyone who wants to gets a chance to participate, but we can't guarantee this.

Seating is limited. When we have reached capacity, we will need to stop selling tickets.


Muppet's Magical Rampage through Albany • Leah & Maeve • Youth 6-12 (3:09)

A bored dog steals a magical wand and causes havoc around Albany.

Satyel AmArelo • Hearing the Ocean • Youth 6-12 (1:43)

Beachcombing can provide wondrous things!

The Grounded Astronaut • Monimar Mancillas • Youth 13-17 (8:18)

A young girl struggles to keep her head afloat while drowning in the overload work of school.

Paper Mache with Ms. Natty • James Lassen • Tiny Movie (1:00)

A student takes her teacher's offhand ramblings curiously to heart.

EEN • Sammy Destin & Chris Ponicki • Youth 6-12 (3:50)

The Good Doctor travels from his dimension to another to face off with an old enemy.

The Great Migration •Thomas Lee • My Own Private Albany (5:40)

It’s about Albany!

Summer Reading (and Some Are Not) • Mallory Greene, et al. • Youth 13-17 (7:35)

The first day back at school is never easy...

The Attack of the Meteor Burgers • Caden Thomson & Dylan Hall • Youth 6-12 (2:38)

Two hilarious aliens find ways to pass the time on their way to Earth.

Impossible Water Bottle Trick Shots • Harris Jeans, et al. • Youth 612 (1:36)

Four guys in Albany doing impossible trick shots.

Back to the Moon • Spotlight Stories

French filmmaker Georges Méliès -- and his creations to life in this wonderfully animated short.

Heatwave • Aaron Barry, Jane Selle Morgan • Tiny Movie (1:00)

When the heat is too much at work, a co-worker lends a helping hand.