1-3pm Saturday, March 16, 2019Albany Community Center MAP

$5 Adults |  $1 Kids Tickets available at the door only.

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This fast-paced, family-friendly show features an eclectic variety of short films by and for kids. An audience Q&A with filmmakers of all ages follows the screening.

After the show, kids can stay to get hands-on with films and film skills

$5 Adults |  $1 Kids Tickets available at the door. MAP

Albany FilmFest is proud to support young filmmakers.



Muppet's Magical Rampage through Albany • Leah & Maeve • Youth 6-12 (3:09)

A bored dog steals a magical wand and causes havoc around Albany.

Satyel Amerelo • Hearing the Ocean • Youth 6-12 (1:43)

Beachcombing can provide wondrous things!

The Grounded Astronaut • Monimar Mancillas • Youth 13-17 (8:18)

A young girl struggles to keep her head afloat while drowning in the overload work of school.

Paper Mache with Ms. Natty • James Lassen • Tiny Movie (1:00)

A student takes her teacher's offhand ramblings curiously to heart.

EEN • Sammy Destin & Chris Ponicki • Youth 6-12 (3:50)

The Good Doctor travels from his dimension to another to face off with an old enemy.

The Great Migration •Thomas Lee • My Own Private Albany (5:40)

It’s about Albany!

Summer Reading (and Some Are Not) • Mallory Greene, et al. • Youth 13-17 (7:35)

The first day back at school is never easy...

The Attack of the Meteor Burgers • Caden Thomson & Dylan Hall • Youth 6-12 (2:38)

Two hilarious aliens find ways to pass the time on their way to Earth.

Impossible Water Bottle Trick Shots • Harris Jeans, et al. • Youth 612 (1:36)

Four guys in Albany doing impossible trick shots.

Back to the Moon • Spotlight Stories

French filmmaker Georges Méliès -- and his creations to life in this wonderfully animated short.

Heatwave • Aaron Barry, Jane Selle Morgan • Tiny Movie (1:00)

When the heat is too much at work, a co-worker lends a helping hand.