Sundance . . . Cannes . . . Albany!

Albany (short and really short) International FilmFest is a juried film festival that takes place each year in Albany, California. We are proud to showcase original, creative, fresh, and compelling independent short films from emerging and established Bay Area, national, and global filmmakers. We nurture a warm, friendly atmosphere this encourages filmmakers and audience members to connect and engage. Filmmakers consistently praise Albany FilmFest as friendly, warm, and well-organized, calling our event "one of the best festival experiences I have had."

Albany FilmFest began in 2011 with modest goals, envisioning a small, local film festival aimed at getting local residents excited about the idea of telling stories through film. Our one-day screening was held at the Albany Community Center and everyone enjoyed the free popcorn. We grew organically and quickly from one day to several days to an entire week, screening a diverse mix of submitted and curated films. Now, going into our ninth year, we have become home to original films and talented filmmakers, encouraging young filmmakers and supporting media education, and keeping the conversation going.

We've also kept our Albany storytelling goal growing through Albany Filmmakers Showcase, a free and noncompetitive way for our Albany citizens of all ages to tell their stories on film and see them on the big screen.

Albany FilmFest works in collaboration with the City of Albany, the Landmark Twin Theatre, the Albany Community Media Access & Arts Committees, and the staff of KALB channel 33. Our mission is to bridge business, community, and the arts, and to encourage diversity, originality, creativity, and open and free communication.

We accept digital submissions only through FilmFreeway or

Important things to know about Albany FilmFest:

We're in California

Albany FilmFest is in Albany, California -- not New York. In fact, we are located at the heart of Northern California’s San Francisco Bay Area, directly across the bay from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. (FYI, there are 37 Albanys worldwide. Ours could possibly be the coolest.)


Our screening team watches every film that is submitted before selecting finalists. Our stellar panel of judges is composed of award-winning filmmakers and industry professionals, including the late, great documentary filmmaker Les Blank.

We support young filmmakers

We have two youth filmmaker categories, support youth media education in our community, and do all we can to encourage aspiring young filmmakers to explore and develop communication, storytelling, and creativity through film, video, and media. Our annual children's matinee screening is an integral and popular part of Albany Filmfest.

We cELEBRATE on Solano Avenue

Films screen at Landmark’s Albany Twin Theatre, a cool, deco-era two-screen theater in downtown Albany. Albany FilmFest is supported by the City of Albany, local businesses, and community members, and run by a dedicated team of volunteers and city staff. We welcome film-goers of all ages, and we try to keep our prices low so that everyone can attend.