Co-writer Anthony Marchitello and director Corbett Redford discuss the making of "Turn It Around," their hit film on East Bay Punk. They take questions from the audience ranging from outtakes, to psychedelic drugs, to the character and continuing influence and evolution of the East Bay punk bands, including Green Day, Primus, Rancid, and many more.
French director Emma Alluyn talks to AFF's Peter Goodman about conceiving the idea and shooting her short film "Over the Trees," a moody fairy tale about a young boy's journey through the forest. ******* KALB supports community access television as a way for Albany citizens to share in the political and social life of their community, and as a vehicle for self-expression and communication.

Courtney Quirin discussed her short film THE GEORGIA GIRL, and her unexpected journey into filmmaking, with Peter Goodman at the Seventh Annual Albany FilmFest.

Cameo Wood joined us at the Seventh Annual Albany FilmFest and spoke with one of our festival organizers, Liz McBee, about her film, Real Artists.

Ben Ragasa, director and editor of The Art of Modern Dance discusses the making of the film as well as what inspired him to be a filmmaker.