ALBANY FILMFEST KIDS’ MATINEE + Animations and Green-screen Workshops

1-3pm Saturday, March 17, 2018Albany Community Center MAP

$5 Adults |  $1 Kids Tickets available at the door only.

A babysitting monster, a cookie recipe gone wrong, a girl who just wants to be left alone to read in the forest, kids thinking up ways to be kind . . . 

This fast-paced, family friendly show features an eclectic variety of short films by and for kids. A Q&A with filmmakers follows the screening. A special appearance by the Oakland Youth Chorus kicks of the event.

After the show, kids can get hands-on with film skills and even take their work home (with a parent's permission and email address):

• Animate! Make your own stop animation films with help from Steve & Kate’s Camp and your own imagination.

• Image yourself! Choose a landscape and experience yourself inside a green-screen world courtesy of Albany's Film & Story Summer Camp.

$5 Adults |  $1 Kids Tickets available at the door. MAP

Albany FilmFest is proud to support young filmmakers.



Opening Songs • Oakland Youth Chorus

The Oakland Youth Chorus unites diverse communities and transforms young people’s lives through excellence in music education and community performance.

Founded in 1974, the Oakland Youth Chorus (OYC) is the longest running youth chorus in the East Bay and is a 2018 in-kind partner with Albany FIlmFest.

The Bone Cave • Isaac Chavez-Bank • Narrative, Youth 6-12 (1:27)

Sam is stuck in a cave. Yes!

DEUX BALLONS • Joshua Green • Narrative (4:18)

A young woman, a dog, and some red balloons.

Lilly and the Baby • The Bum family • Animation, Youth 13-17 (6:31)

Lilly, a 10-foot-tall orange monster, babysits a human baby. What could go wrong? CANADA

The Ill-made knight • Matthew Celia • Narrative (15:30)

An introverted girl who loves to read fights to save the forest behind her house from a logging company, and in so doing discovers unexpected allies.

Dunkirk • Max Wilson Sladkus • Animation, Youth 6-12 (0:30)

The Battle of Dunkirk - with Legos!

change • Isaac Kerlow • Documentary (5:22)

Constant change is a natural part of earth's life, but the rapid changes caused by our growth and prosperity may be forever. SINGAPORE

The Adventures of Ratboy & Wiseman • Dylan Hall and Coleman Ridge • Narrative, Youth 6-12 (3:30)

Two friends on a journey to find a better place.

Cookies • Thomas Lee • Animation, Youth 13-17 (2:33)

That cookie recipe seemed so simple!

Room 20’s Kindness PROJECT • Jen Gripman & Cornell School's Room 20 4th Grade Class • Albany Filmmakers Showcase (5:10)

The kids in Albany Cornell School's Room 20 4th-grade class find so many ways to be kind!