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Albany FilmFest Presents: Green Films at Albany Arts & Green Festival

Three chances to catch this encore of two Albany FilmFest short films on eco themes.

When: Sunday, May 7 - program repeats 12 noon, 1pm, 2pm

Where: Veteran's Hall, Memorial Park - Arts & Green Festival

Admission: Free


Here and Now • Andy Miller Documentary Short (7:40) For thousands of years the Native people stewarded the land of the Bay Area, prompting European settlers to describe it as a "tended garden." Today Native Americans are relearning and applying the ancestors' knowledge about the plants, animals, and elements in partnerships with land conservation organizations.  

The Georgia GirlCourtney Quirin • Documentary Short (25:39) Small-scale fishing in British Columbia is dying as large companies maintain a firm grip on licenses and price, paying fishermen less and less as the market price of fish continues to rise. Unwilling to compromise his livelihood, which goes back five generations, a young fisherman is bypassing the traditional route of selling to large seafood corporations and instead is using unique technology to "trace" his fish and instill transparency into a broken food system.