Symphony for Nature + Beyond Climate + Old Survivor 

7:30pm • Wednesday, March 20 | Albany Twin Theatre MAP   

$12 (included with Festival Pass)

Celebrating the natural world, prompting us to be effective stewards

Q&A with filmmakers follows

Thanks to East Bay Regional Park District for underwriting this screening.


Symphony for Nature Anne Flatté (Documentary, 27:00)

This lovely film is the behind-the-scenes story of how classical musicians joined with indigenous drummers for the powerful first performance of “Natural History,” a new composition by Michael Gordon inspired by Oregon’s breathtaking Crater Lake, a spiritual place known as giiwas to the Klamath people. Featuring members of the Britt Orchestra and the Klamath Tribes drum group Steiger Butte Singers, the film explores perspectives on nature through the dynamic interaction of this extraordinary musical experience and spectacular setting. READ MORE…

Beyond Climate • Ian Mauro (Documentary, 72:00)

British Columbia’s experience of global warming — heat waves, droughts, melting glaciers, pest outbreaks, back-to-back record-setting forest fires, and changes to the oceans — spotlights how climate change affects local environments and communities. Shot throughout the province over many years, the collective wisdom and perspectives of Indigenous leaders, local communities, scientists, and policymakers are featured. Narrated by renowned scientist, broadcaster, environmentalist, and B.C. resident Dr. David Suzuki. READ MORE…

Old Survivor • Stan Dodson, Nicolas Berger, Emily Fraser • (Documentary, 22:38)

This film tells the story of Oakland’s resilient, ecologically amazing, and now protected redwood forest, featuring “Old Survivor" — the only remaining old-growth redwood in the East Bay hills. READ MORE…