Every day, in every way. Filmmaker Q&A follows the screening. 

12:30pm • Sunday, March 25 | Albany Twin Theatre  MAP   

$10 (included with Festival Pass/Sunday Shorts Pass)

An undocumented immigrant, a father and son tale, a cowboy singer . . . films that explore our changing world and how we live our lives.


THE PLEASURE OF BEING SERVED • Michael Manese • Narrative (15:00)

Rosa, an undocumented immigrant from the Phillipines, is working to bring her young to the US but faces a moral conflict that threatens her job. A look at Filipino culture, and what it means to be an undocumented person working in America.

SOCIAL SNAFU • The Perez Brothers • Tiny Movie • (2:18)

Imagine what would happen if your Facebook feed came to life!

Change • Isaac Kerlow • Animation (5:22)

Constant change is a natural part of Earth's life, but the rapid changes caused by our growth and prosperity may be forever. SINGAPORE

I EDIT LECTURES • Alex Zajicek • Narrative (3:29)

Lana tries to describe her job to an enthusiastic but uninformed individual.

DRIFTING AWAy • Cyprien CLEMENT-Delmas • ANIMATION (29:35)

Melancholy yet hopeful tale of a boy who dreams of going sailing with his father. Subtitles. SPAIN

Western jubilee • Donna Guthrie and Colin Guthrie • DOCUMENTARY (11:08)

At a Colorado recording studio, an avid collector and a cowboy singer keep the tradition of cowboy music alive and kicking.

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