Speaking our truth. Filmmaker Q&A follows the screening.

2:10pm • Sunday, March 25 | Albany Twin Theatre   MAP 

$10 (included with Festival Pass/Sunday Shorts Pass)

A homeless poet, a forest people who are losing their forest, a boy who leaves home for the unknown, two friends just trying to have fun, and a 55-foot-tall statue that resonates with questions of women's safety . . .  Three documentaries and two narrative films explore what happens when we live and speak our truth in the world.


THE ISLAND POET • Tiago Venturi • Documentary (16:00)

For 19 years, Raimundo lived and wrote his poetry in a city square between two busy streets in Sao Paolo. But when his brother found him, everything changed. Subtitles. BRAZIL

People of the Forest: orang rimba • Isaac kerlow • Documentary (14:12)

Oil palm plantations have replaced much of the tropical peatland in Jambi, Indonesia. The People of the Forest, Orang Rimba in their dialect, have nowhere to go. Subtitles. SINGAPORE

SPIRIT OF THE GAME • Milo Straghalis • Narrative, Youth 13-17 (4:36)

Two friends try to start an Ultimate Frisbee club.

OVER THE TREES • Emma Alluyn • narrative (15:00)

In this moody fairy tale a young boy dwells with his grandfather and young sister at the edge of the world, bordering on a dense forest. One day, he is drawn to explore beyond the trees.Subtitles. FRANCE

TRUTH IS BEAUTY • brandon Katcher • Documentary (26:16)

How a 55-foot-tall sculpture of a woman inspired people to ask "What would it be like if women were safe?" and empowered a community to advocate for equality.

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