Coloring outside the margins. Q&A with filmmakers follows. 

4:14pm • Sunday, March 25 | Albany Twin Theatre MAP

$10 (included with Festival Pass/Sunday Shorts Pass)

Bold, edgy, poignant . . . Expect the unexpected from these films.


CHRISTOPHER WALKEN'S COFFEE SHOP • Leah Dubuc • Animation (3:20)

Artisanal coffee beverages at the actor's cafe are uniquely crafted in this improvised parody commercial.

GERM • Ryan Beard • Narrative, youth 13-17 (4:37)

Germaphobe braves the world in search of tech support.

AQUA RASA • matthew Berg • narrative (10:00)

Harry, living with Alzheimer's, is visited by a younger man who claims his psychic abilities can restore the man's memories.

LILY AND THE BABY • The Bum Family • Animation, Youth 13-17 (6:31)

Lily, a 10-foot-tall orange monster, babysits a human baby. What could go wrong?

THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO HAVE SEEN ROB'S PENIS • Christian Cerazo • narrative (17:40)

Gentle, quirky comedy about an inexperienced young man that answers the question raised by the title.

HUSH STreet • eduardo colgan • narrative (16:00)

A group of young friends out for the evening are changed by the shock of a gunshot and the silence that follows.Subtitles. BRAZIL

THE GUARD • Shahrukh khurshid • Documentary (8:41)

The middle-aged Liaquat Ali Khan, who makes a living guarding the homes of wealthy people in Pakistan, shares the tale of his own life. Subtitles. PAKISTAN

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