Everyone does it their own way 

12 Noon • Sunday, March 24 | Albany Twin Theatre  MAP   

$12 (included with Festival Pass/Sunday Shorts Pass)

Filmmaker Q&A follows


Syria's Tent Cities • Mira Hamour • Documentary (30:00)

A look at the lives of Syrian refugee children and their efforts to get a basic education.

Turning Tables • Hilary Davidson • Narrative (6:00)

An older couple learns something unexpected from their new neighbors.

The Great Migration • Thomas Lee • My Own Private Albany (5:40)

It’s about Albany!

The Funeral Dancer • Natalie McMahon • Narrative (9:00)

In the near future, funeral entertainer has become one of the best paid jobs in the world. (subtitles) GERMANY

Maybe • Kat Cole • Narrative (10:00)

A young Filipino girl questions her sexuality and must find bravery on her own terms.

Ten Minutes Tops • Antoine de Bujadoux • Narrative (6:00)

A man and a woman sit at a table together. They have ten minutes to talk and lots of things to say. (subtitles) FRANCE

Catalina • Paola Ossa • Narrative (14:14)

An 11 year old girl learns to fend for herself while her undocumented mother spirals in fear of being deported.