Life’s mysteries and realities

2pm • Sunday, March 24 | Albany Twin Theatre MAP 

$12 (included with Festival Pass/Sunday Shorts Pass)

Filmmaker Q&A follows


The Maze • Serghino Roosblad • Documentary (24:11)

The MacArthur Maze connects San Francisco with the East Bay, allowing 300,000 vehicles each day to travel to all four corners of the Bay Area and beyond. But the Maze also cuts through four distinct landscapes that tell a story of separation and connection.

Heatwave • Aaron Barry, Jane Selle Morgan • Tiny Movie (1:00)

When the heat is too much at work, a co-worker lends a helping hand.

Magpie •  Benjamin Ragasa • Animation (3:00)

In a world populated by birds that hoard, an outsider comes to save the day.

Only the Drum • Ann Sullivan-Cross • Narrative (12:28)

This isn’t just any yard sale . . .

Novalis • Chris Powell • Animation (3:00)

A lost orphan trying to find shelter in a desolate German village in the 1890s finds a giant robot creature.

Good Business Sense • Emmett Loverde • Narrative (21:00)

A businessman uses a business presentation to propose to his girlfriend at a fancy restaurant.

Socks: A Story about Pairs • Callahan Bracken • Youth 13-17 (2:18)

Competition to build a collection of pairs.

Age of Sail • John Kahrs • Animation (12:11)

An old sailor is adrift and alone in the North Atlantic (voiced by Ian McShane). When he reluctantly rescues a teen, everything changes.