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AFF Presents: The Life and Legacy of Frances Perkins

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Join us for this short documentary about a pioneering woman in national politics, and stay for a panel discussion with Albany women in politics: Followed by a panel discussion with local women in politics including Albany Mayor Rochelle Nason, Vice Mayor Peggy McQuaid and Former President of the League of Women Voters of Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville Adena Ishii. Moderated by Fran Quittel, Frances Perkins Center Ambassador.

The American sociologist and workers-rights advocate Frances Perkins was the first woman to serve in a U.S. cabinet position. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt appointed her as Secretary of Labor in 1933, and she served in that position for twelve years. She was in every respect a self-made woman who rose from humble New England origins to become America’s leading advocate for many of the basics we take for granted today

Frances Perkins was the principal architect of the New Deal, credited with formulating groundbreaking policies including the Social Security Act, the Fair Labor Act, establishing the minimum wage, laws against child labor, and other policies to shore up the national economy following the nation’s most serious economic crisis and helping to create the modern middle class.

A co-presentation of Albany FilmFest, the Albany Library, and Friends of the Albany Library. Special thanks to the Frances Perkins Center.